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De Sluitkom™ is a unique product manufactured in our workshop in the center of Den Haag. It is the result of many years of observation of burglary and attempted break-in. Designed and first built by our top-locksmith technician Aad Bakker, this strikeplate has features that make it near impossible to break without heavy machinery.

  • Strike plate can be mounted to prevent forced break in

  • Prevents damage to doors and locks by preventing movement and warping

  • Can be used to cover damaged strikes after burglary or forced entry

  • Made to exacting standards to fit individual locks (Mortice and deadlock)

  • Can be custom built to fit old and antique locks

  • Can be finished in a variety of colours

  • 5 year warrantee and money back guarantee in case of forced entry

  • Save money! No need to fit multipoint locks

  • Only available from A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag

  • Must be mounted by a certified and authorised expert to ensure proper functionality and safety

  • No better security on the market!

DE SLUITKOM™ How does it work?

De Sluitkom™ s precision tooled and welded. It is 50 centimeters long and can cover existing strikes and damage from burglary or attempted forced entry.

Available in a range of sizes to fit existing locks like Yale, LIPS (Assa-Abloy) and Nemef this strike will prevent lateral movement and therefore discourage burglars who attempt to insert tools into doorframes to pry them open.

More than this, the Sluitkom™ reinforces the door frame preventing the strikeplate from warping or tearing.

De Sluitkom™ prevents the night latch from bending or warping so that locks can be opened with ease, even after an attempted forced entry. Your lock will not break!

DE SLUITKOM™ for surface mounted locks

Surface mounted locks are generally sold with their own small strikes. Unfortunately these strikes and strikeplates do not provide adequate space for position of screws. If your lock has been replaced more than once, chances are that the wood behind the strike is either rotten or loose.

De Sluitkom™ is an ideal solution for not only replacing outdated and weak strikes but also for reinforcing existing locks and door frames to prevent forced entry.

Surface mounted locks or deadlocks are the preferred choice for those seeking to secure premises and less concerned about aesthetics. They use the full thickness of your door and are the strongest option available. De Sluitkom™ comes in two standard models for Yale and LIPS locks.

DE SLUITKOM™ for Mortice locks

De Sluitkom™ can be custom built to your specifications and adapted for Mortice locks. If you already have a Mortice lock but are concerned about security, make an appointment and our technicians will come round and measure your locks.

A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag have over 30 years of experience mounting De Sluitkom™ and our technicians are absolutely confident in this security product. That is why we offer not only a 5 year warranty but also your money back if anyone ever manages to force your door!

A-keys | Slotenmaker The Hague is a small, local company that has over 30 years of experience in locksmithing & security. You can rely on us: we have a reputation to uphold!


*A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag will only charge for call-outs in the following instances; a) in case of cancellation (you must cancel at least 30 minutes before an appointment), b) if a visit is necessary to assess a situation or draw up a quote, c) if a technician has to make extra visits to bring materials to our workshop for repair or aquire extra materials that we do not stock. Our technicians will always do their best to avoid or limit damage (e.g. to locks, cylinders and doors). Unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee zero damage with 100% certainty. Where possible, our technicians will seek to limit damage to material goods and to avoid extra expenses for clients. When a technician can foresee the possibility of damage, for example in the event a cylinder needs to be drilled, he will inform the customer and leave the decision to them. If a customer cancels or calls off an order, e.g. in the event that a dooropening might incur extra unforeseen expenses, the technician has the right to charge call-out fees. Technicians will always inform the customer if call-out fees will be charged. As far as possible, technicians will inform customers of any other possible expenses. For more information we refer to our Terms & Conditions. The prices on this website are estimates based on the approximate price of goods and services and do not confer any rights as prices may vary according to situation!


**A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag provides only SKG-Ikob certified materials and goods. In exceptional cases we will replace uncertified materials for similar or same materials or manufacture our own materials according to our own very strict criteria. Because the SKG-Ikob certificate does not guarantee security but does cost significantly more, we sometimes recommend non-certified materials and goods where we find safety and security are not compromised.

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