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  • Mortice locks fitted in doors, repairs on location

  • Multipoint locks opened in case of emergency lockout

  • Servicing of all mortice & multipoint locks

  • High quality SKG** & SKG*** eurocilinders and core pulling and drilling prevention with escutcheons/plates

  • 5 year warrantee on all goods & services

  • Lock doors and windows at multiple points to prevent drafts

  • Ensure smooth functionality and prevent jamming in winter

Advantages of Mortice & Multipoint locks

Mortice locks and multipoint locks are unobtrusive because they are built into the door. An added advantage is that they are operated by eurocilinders that are easy to replace without dismantling or removing the lock itself. In compination with good quality certified escutcheons and strikplates this type of lock provides a high measure of security against burglars and break ins.

Problems of Mortice & Multipoint locks


Unfortunately many currently available models and brands use inferior materials. Multipoint locks are highly sensitive to jamming and need to be serviced more frequently than surface mounted locks. The complex mechanics needed to operate the lock at several points simultaneously makes them susceptible to jamming. Our advice: be alert to any problems with this type of lock and have yours serviced regularly by a certified locksmith to prevent problems such as being locked out of your home.

In case of lock-out due to malfunction, mortice and multipoint locks are somewhat more difficult to open due to being built into the door rather than mounted on the surface. In many cases a dooropening requires removal of a cilinder and protective plates or escutcheons. This makes opening a mortice or multipoint lock more expensive.

And experienced locksmith can often open mortice and multipoint locks without damage, however, once locks begin to malfunction they are often damaged beyond repair by owners applying force to the lock or door! Never attempt to 'force' a lock to open. Locks are supposed to function smoothly so if you are experiencing problems, call a locksmith and save yourself some money!

CES Vario Flex

The ‘CES Vario Flex’ Mortice lock from Dutch manufacturer CES can be used to replace damaged locks, including multipoint locks of all sizes. Its slim build and modular construction allow our locksmiths to adapt its dimensions to fit any door. This lock is both suited to emergency repairs and for long term use. It is an SKG*** certified lock and can be provided with a 5 year warrantee.

Due to its small size this lock is very easy to transport and all our locksmiths and technicians carry them. If you have locked yourself out or if your lock fails, our experts will call on you and fit you with a new lock, either as a temporary measure until a suitable replacement can be found, or as a permanent solution.

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voor de CES Vario Flex

Mortice & Multipoint locks and SKG PKVW certificates

All modern Mortice and Multipoint locks are SKG & Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen certified. To check whether your lock is certified look for the SKG symbol embossed on it and check how many stars it has. Many older models are not certified but are nonetheless just as good. But merely being certified does not mean your lock is guaranteed to function well, and neither does the certificate provide assurance that your door is secure! A lock is only as good as the door and doorframe that it is mounted in.

Locksmith The Hague specialise in mechanical security against burglars. Make an appointment and have one of our expert locksmiths evaluate your security and advise you on what measures to take to improve functionality of locks and prevent burglary.

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