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We offer a wide range of eurocylinders in for all possible situations. In addition we offer services like keyed alike (all doors can be opened with a single key), copies of existing cylinders and replacement if a cylinder is broken or jammed.



Brands: CES | Assa-Abloy | LIPS | Yale | CISA | Nemef | Nino | DOM | Mauer | Pfaffenhain | Oxloc | M&C | Kaba | ISEO | EVVA | BUVA | Abus | Zeiss-Ikon | Vachette | Chubb | Sobinco | Winkhaus | AMI

All about eurocylinders (europrofile cylinders)

  • All cylinders available in SKG** and SKG*** quality

  • We can modify your cylinders and make them keyed alike

  • Certified copy proof cylinders to prevent unauthorised key duplication

  • Cylinders in all sizes for different doors including UPVC

  • Electronic access control with the CES Easy system

  • Half cylinders for cupboards, parking places etc.

  • 5 year warrantee on all cylinders

  • Opening and keying of all known brands

  • High security escutcheons that prevent core drilling and pulling

  • Key plans for offices to control access

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