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With you in 30 minutes thanks to our scooters!

Emergency? Locked out? Are you in The Hague and do you need a Locksmith right now?

Thanks to years of experience we know how important it is to help our customers in the Hague and surrounding areas as fast as possible! And we are always working on improving our Locksmith Service in Den Haag to ensure that you get the best we have to offer. That includes helping you within 30 minutes or less! To speed things up a little we have provided a visual lexicon to to help you identify the most common materials used in securing doors and windows. Identify whatever is the problem and this will help us understand what materials to bring, what work might be involved and give you an estimate of the possible costs.

  • Do you have a surface mounted lock (Yale, LIPS, Cisa etc.) or a mortise lock (built into the door)?

  • Is there a problem with one or more cylinders?

  • Has a key broken or have you lost a key and are you interested in replacing the cylinder to prevent unauthorised access?

  • Do you have any auxilliary locks on the door and what model or brand are they?

  • Do you have a "secustrip" metal strip mounted on the door to prevent insertion of a plastic card (shim)?

  • Do you have core pulling or core extraction protection (protective escutcheons) mounted?

  • Have you had a burglary?

  • If you home has been broken into, what parts of the lock, cylinder or doorframe have been damaged?


Has your key broken off in your lock? A-keys | Locksmith The Hague can extract broken keys in 80% of cases which will enable you to use a spare key to get back into your house.

In many instances broken keys signal problems with a lock or cylinder. Your lock or cylinder will need servicing or replacement.

Key removal or extraction after a key has broken is a common occurence and our technicians are expert at it. 

Has your key broken? Don't throw away the remaining piece or pieces. We may be able to cut a duplicate using the pieces you have left.

We can repair or duplicate keys that are broken or damaged and use them to open a lock. Afterwards, you can have a new cylinder fitted.


Has your door been forced by a burglar? Is the doorpost damaged? Has the strikeplate warped or completely come off? In many instances of break-in, the strikeplate is the most vulnerable part of a lock and will give way if pressure is exerted with the help of a crowbar.

After breaking and entry, you will need to have locks and doorposts examined and it may be wise to have the strikeplate replaced for one of our custom built, extra strong models.

In most cases of burglary, we can offer significant improvements to home security that are guaranteed to prevent break-in in future.

Our workshop in the center of The Hague offers 24/7 assistance in case of emergency and we can provide both emergency measures and permanent solutions after a door or lock has been forced.


Do you have a eurocylinder and would you like to have a certified, high quality copy proof key?

Copy proof cylinders are patented and keys can only be copied by certified locksmiths who have the right machines and only when a client presents the certificate card as evidence of ownership.

Copy proof cylinders allow owners to hand out keys to cleaners or builders without fear that a key will be copied without their consent.

Copy proof cyulinders/keys are generally more expensive than keys that can be duplicated and you do need to order enough copies to ensure you don't need to order duplicates later. Follow up orders may take as long as 3 weeks to deliver.


The 'penlock' is a common type of lock and is very cheap and easy to install. Unfortunatley this type of lock has a high rate of failure and is relatively easy to force or drill.

Many older doors are equipped with this type of lock and if you have one, we recommend having it replaced with a Mortice Lock (SKG**).

About 60% of all call-outs involve failure of a penlock and we are experts at opening them without damaging doors.

When penlocks and replaced out expert technicians make adjustments that prevent failure. Most technicians simply ignore these problems and customers will usually experience problems within the warrantee period of 5 years.


Secustrip is a Politiekeurmerk certified anti-burglary measure that is really only useful to prevent shimmying with a plastic card. Unfortunately this type of metal strip mounted on the door and doorpost does little to nothing to prevent determined burglars.

We recommend removing secustrips and having good quality locks mounted instead.

In case of lock-out, secustrips are an obstacle to non-destructive damage free entry. Unless the technician is able to shimmy the lock open from underneath the strip, he will have to resort to other methods to open your door.


Core pulling is a new method of breaking and entry that burglars have started to use as new tools have become available through the Internet.

Core pulling involves drilling a hardened steel screw into the core of a cylinder and then extracting the whole core with the aid of a crowbar.

Corepulling is highly destructive and can damage locks. If a technician/locksmith uses this method he is probably not a professional!

Core pulling can be prevented or delayed significantly by fitting core pulling prevention materials that prevent or delay extraction of the core.


If your lock looks somewhat like this, you have a surface mounted lock. These are common locks in older houses in the Netherlands.

There are a number of brands of surface mounted locks: LIPS, Yale, Zeiss-Ikon, Nemef and some cheap locks available from DIY stores.

A charatceristic of this type of lock is that they are opened by pulling a latch on one side of the lock.

Surface mounted locks are available in Left and Right opening models and this is important information for our technicians!

Make sure you also inform us what brand of lock you have. If you are getting a replacement we need to know the brand and model because some locks are not interchangeable without changes to the door and doorpost.


Does your door have a doorhandle on the inside. You probably have a Mortice Lock which is mounted inside the door with only the cylinder protruding. This type of lock can only be opened by turning the handle.

Mortice locks are available as multipoint locks that lock the door at several points. These locks have a tendency to jamb and should be serviced regularly.

Mortice Locks are locked by a cylinder that can be removed without removing the lock itself. This allows convenient replacement of cylinders.

For convenience cylinders can be made to fit a single key so that all doors can be opened and locked with one key. Electronic access control is also possible.


If your cylinder looks like this you have a eurocylinder (europrofile cylinder). These cylinders are available in a wide variety of brands and qualities.

In the Netherlands the quality is measured in the number of stars printed or embossed on the frant face of the cylinder. The agency providing certification is the SKG-IKOB which provides specifications for building and construction materials.

A-keys | Sloltenmaker Den Haag use only high quality cylinders that we have tested and can warrantee. Copy proof cylinders are available if you are concerned about the number of keys in circulation.

We also provide cylinders in all sizes and models.


The dimensions of a lock or cylinder are very important. When a technician has the right specs, he can fit a lock with ease and will not have to make too many changes to doors or other fittings.

Unfortunately many people have no idea how to measure a lock or cylinder and hence no way to provide the information we need to establish exactly what type or size lock or cylinder you need.

If a locksmith has to call on you to make measurements he may charge call-out fees. But don't worry, follow the link below to find out more about measuring your lock and cylinder.


Have you lost the key to a bicycle? Has your bicycle lock broken or jammed? Our experts will open any bicycle lock quickly.

Unfortunately many bike locks are made of inferior materials such as alluminium and can only be opened destructively.

Opening a bicycle lock is relatively expensive (the same fees apply as opening a door) however if our technician is anywhere near you, discounts are available.

Call us to find out how much it costs to open your bicycle lock. Make an appointment and we will make sure we arrive on time!


If you have been overcharged or defrauded by anyone pretending to be a locksmith, we offer some advice on what to do, how to register and report fraudulent activity, to trace the culprit and reclaim your money.

Dishonest behaviour by locksmiths has become a norm due to Google's AdWords campaigns which allow agents to set themselves up as locksmiths and unsrupulously sell customers to third parties.

Make sure that you don't become a victim of fraud by checking the Chamber of Commerce registration of a business. Legitimate locksmiths should provide a link to their COC number on their websites and if they don't, be very careful!

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