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Burglary Repair Services in Den Haag

Expert assistance after burglary and attempted break-in: with you in 30 minutes 24/7

Having your house broken into can be a very frustrating and nerve wrecking situation. We would not want this to happen to anyone, but unfortunately it is more frequent than many of us think. A-keys | Locksmith The Hague are here to offer you specialized and highly skilled support and assistance in the case of a burglary. No job is too big or small for us and we can handle any Burglary Repairs in record time. We aim to arrive to your location within 20-30 minutes or less. Should this happen to you, call us on 0652333817 any time of day or night and we will be happy to help.


Once we are there, our locksmith in The Hague will replace your locks on the spot. Our locksmith technician carries with him a wide variety of standard approved locks and cylinders for doors and safes. All our professionals are very experienced and know how to handle the most difficult situations. They are reliable, highly trained and accredited. So you can be at peace that you will be dealing with people you can trust. Our friendly approach alleviate the stress you might be under when your property is broken into. Our master technician will replace the locks on your doors and safes with the greatest care and efficiency. We stock high security locks and other security materials you can choose from to avoid another unfortunate experience of break-in.

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Burglary & Emergency Repair Service

  • ​Our advice to you: don't panic! Be very careful who you contact for help and make sure to ask for quotes!

  • Check locksmiths credentials: make sure they are registered with the Chamber of Commerce (See here)

  • Report any incident of burglary or attempted break in to police immediately!

  • Wait until police arrive and make a report of any damage caused by burglars

  • Take photos that you can send to a locksmith service so they know what the damage is

  • Ask the locksmith how much his call out fees are!

  • Ask a locksmith how much he will charge for emergency repairs

  • Call your insurance and ask whether damage is covered

  • Check your premises to see whether other entries are open or damaged

  • Check whether keys have been stolen (e.g. keys to cars or bicycles)

  • Have stolen creditcards blocked

  • Replace all keys and cylinders if keys have been stolen

  • Don't touch anything that thieves or burglars may have touched so the police can check for fingerprints


In case of burglary or break be ready to answer some questions:

Are you locked out?

Has your cylinder been removed or damaged?

What is the extent of the damage to doors, locks, cylinders etc?

Are your locks still working?

What type of locks do you have? (What brand and model, photos are useful)

Has the doorpost been damaged? Will you need carpentry services?

Has glass been broken?

How many locks need replacing?

How many locks were operated with the same key?

Do you want to be helped immediately or can our locksmiths come around in the morning?

We will need the following personal information as well:

  • Your name and address or the name and address of the person who will pay our bill

  • Postal code and city

  • An e-mail address

  • A telephone number where we can reach you


Send us your photos by e-mail or WhatsApp


You can help us help you by sending us photos. Our technicians carry their own smartphones so if you want to reach them quickly, ask for their private phone numbers and e-mail address. This way you can send them WhatsApp messages directly to their telephone. Rest assured: all your information is 100% confidential and we only work with employees we trust and who are qualified to carry out repairs and servicing.

De Sluitkom™“, is a unique product manufactured in our own workshop and built to the most exacting standards. It is a reinforced steel 'strikeplate' that replaces standard strikeplates in the doorpost and can bridge any damage caused by burglary or attempted break in. This unique invention will not only replace damaged strikeplates but also provides long-term protection against anyone attempting to force a door open with a crowbar. De Sluitkom™ is only available from A-keys | Locksmith The Hague and is manufactured to fit all existing surface mounted locks. In addition, we can produce a variety to fit almost any other brand or model lock including Mortice locks.


*A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag will only charge for call-outs in the following instances; a) in case of cancellation (you must cancel at least 30 minutes before an appointment), b) if a visit is necessary to assess a situation or draw up a quote, c) if a technician has to make extra visits to bring materials to our workshop for repair or aquire extra materials that we do not stock. Our technicians will always do their best to avoid or limit damage (e.g. to locks, cylinders and doors). Unfortunately it is not possible to guarantee zero damage with 100% certainty. Where possible, our technicians will seek to limit damage to material goods and to avoid extra expenses for clients. When a technician can foresee the possibility of damage, for example in the event a cylinder needs to be drilled, he will inform the customer and leave the decision to them. If a customer cancels or calls off an order, e.g. in the event that a dooropening might incur extra unforeseen expenses, the technician has the right to charge call-out fees. Technicians will always inform the customer if call-out fees will be charged. As far as possible, technicians will inform customers of any other possible expenses. For more information we refer to our Terms & Conditions. The prices on this website are estimates based on the approximate price of goods and services and do not confer any rights as prices may vary according to situation!


**A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag provides only SKG-Ikob certified materials and goods. In exceptional cases we will replace uncertified materials for similar or same materials or manufacture our own materials according to our own very strict criteria. Because the SKG-Ikob certificate does not guarantee security but does cost significantly more, we sometimes recommend non-certified materials and goods where we find safety and security are not compromised.

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