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Locksmith The Hague | Slotenmaker Den Haag uPVC doors & windows

The abbreviation uPVC refers to Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride but in the terminology or locksmiths to a wide range of windows, doors and frames used in modern building and subject to building regulations. uPVC windows and doors are increasingly used to increase the insulation of buildings.

  • uPVC doors and windows privide excellent insulation through double glazing and (vaccuum) steel or alluminium tubing.

  • Doors and windows are fitted with locks and mounted complete with frames

  • Replacement parts for uPVC doors, locks, windows and so on are often difficult to find

  • Regular service will extend life and prevent doors from sagging or jamming

  • Locking mechanisms are supplied by the manufacturer and guaranteed to last for life or until the guarantee runs out

  • Slotenmaker Den Haag does not maintain a large stock of parts and we generally refer customers to Kozijnservice Nederland for servicing and repair:

Waalsdorperlaan 22c
2244 BN Wassenaar
T: 070 – 331 90 85
F: 070 – 358 51 53

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