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Slotenmaker Den Haag | LOCKSMITH THE HAGUE advice & service for all your security needs: Locks, Cylinders, Latches, Keys and more:

What is a secure home or business premises? Should I opt for mechanical security or get burglar alarms and electronic access control? What measures really work to prevent burglary, theft and break-in and how much should I spend?

Home security is mostly a big waste of money and time. Companies that sell on the home and business security market are specialised in exploiting public concern and inventing measures that seem effective (insurance companies often agree) but are absolutely no obstacle to even amateur burglars, let alone professional criminals. Anyone who properly scouts a home or business premises will probably find a weak spot. That is where our expertise comes in: instead of offering you a wide range of high tech solutions our first concern is for mechanical vulnerabilities.


If you are serious about securing your home or office against breaking and entry, you need to get professional advice. Our team of experts will begin by examining surroundings —entrances, gates, pathways, gardens, backdoors, balconies and so on. Next we will look for vulnerabilities such as lighting, visibility, view from neighbours, CCTV and such. Finally, we will also examine doors, windows, and any other possible routes of entry with special attention to details such as quality and strength of doors, doorposts, locks, cylinders and protective plates. 

Our focus is always on prevention. Preventative security measures are measures that discourage, delay or prevent unauthorised entry by any means. After examining your premises our expert locksmiths will provide you with a list of measures and suggest changes where necessary. If you need a report for insurance purposes we are qualified to carry out Politiekeurmerk Veilig Wonen inspections and can provide reports for insurers or police. The PKVW is an independent Dutch certification institution that provides guidelines and standards for the building and security industry.

A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag: Specialists in mechanical home security & burglary prevention in The Hague.

  • De Sluitkom™ offers extra security against all kinds of brute force entry attempts ✔

  • SKG*** kerntrekbeveiliging prevents core pulling and drilling of cylinders ✔

  • CES eurocilinders SKG** en SKG*** provide ample security against drilling and lockpicking ✔

  • Expert team of locksmiths will provide free consultations on all security issues related to real estate in The Hague ✔

  • Our workshop provides custom solutions for access control, locks, keys, cylinders, latches, surveillance etc. ✔

  • Certified and highly qualified technicians working 24/7 can be with you in 30 minutes anywhere in Den Haag ✔

  • Electronic access control with remote control, key fobs, bluetooth access via the web etc. ✔

  • SKG certified high quality materials and Politiekeurmerk certified measures, materials and reporting ✔


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