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★★★★★ Professional and very friendly service. Well trained staff on the phone and amazingly qualified locksmith, (despite his young age). My dad was well impressed and even shook his hand for doing such a great job!

Mary Torres

Slotenmaker Den Haag Locksmith The Hague

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A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag services certified Politie Keurmerk Veilig Wonen (PKVW) compliant. We exclusively use SKG certified high quality materials and products.** Custom made products from our own workshop according to the highest security standards possible. Repairs and modifications to existing doors, windows, locks etc. only by qualified and certified experts. 5 years warrantee on all materials and work. Money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied!

A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag works with Politie Haaglanden (Regional Police) to ensure safety and security and prevent fraud. You are welcome to check our credentials at the Chamber of Commerce. You can check our registration using the home buttons.


  • Our Chamber of Commerce registration number: 27255707.

  • You will find our business details at the bottom of this page.

  • Our technicians provide invoices with all business details on them.

  • Our invoices and receipts have a telephone number you can check.

  • We are not intermediaries who pass on customers to third parties.

  • Read here what to do to prevent fraud by locksmiths.


We do not advertise with Google AdWords but recommend DuckDuckGo & Ecosia as good alternative search engines.

A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag bij de Kamer van Koophandel


We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Please use the link below to verify this.


We work for Police & Emergency services to keep you safe. Have you had a burglary, check out our page below.


We work according to PKVW standards & can issue certificates for Insurance purposes. Please contact us!



SKG certified locks, cylinders and keys only. We only work with high quality materials that we can guarantee. All materials tested.


A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag providing Security in Den Haag - Haaglanden since 1946



  • Local small scale business ✓

  • Workshop in center of Den Haag

  • No call waiting or forwarding ✓

  • We respond immediately ✓

  • Make appointment with the technician ✓

  • Technician comes within 30 min. ✓

  • Repairs on location  ✓

  • No waiting ✓

  • Free expert advice ✓

  • 100% recycling policy ♻ ✓


  • No call-out fee*

  • Service with a smile

  • Fast-Service™

  • Slow-Service™ (discounts)

  • Service & Quality guaranteed

  • SKG certified materials

  • Qualified & Certified technicians

  • 5 year warrantee on goods & services

  • All work according to Politiekeurmerk

  • Money back guarantee in case of failure

Locked out? Emergency? Our technicians will be with you within 30 minutes!
★ ★ Locks or cylinder broken? We can have it opened or repaced by our qualified, certified highly skilled technicians.

★ ★ ★ Lost or misplaced your keys? We replace keys, cylinders & or locks and provide high quality anti-burglary materials.

★ ★ ★ ★ Are you concerned about damage? Our technicians will not damage your door! We open without damaging, 24/7 service day & night!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Advice concerning how to protect property and prevent break-in. Advice free of charge. No obligation to buy!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Our technicians do call-outs no matter what time of day or night and no matter what the weather conditions are


Looking for a reliable locksmith service in The Hague area? A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag™ for dooropening without damage *. And ... we don't have call-out fees * Our technicians can be with you in 30 minutes!


Click here to see how fast our technician can open your door!


Our highly mobile call-out service is available 24/7 and can be with you at very short notice. In addition, thanks to our scooters we can reach you in areas that are inacessible to cars like the pedestrian areas in the Center of The Hague. Are you locked-out because you left the keys on the inside of the door? Or because the lock is jammed? In many cases our technicians can open your door without damage! If you are in need of a locksmith service with a good reputation just have a look at our reviews on Google.

Don't panic: our technician will be with you in 30 minutes!


Have you locked yourself out of the house in the middle of the night? Then A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag offers the fastest call-out service in the area. And our technicians are ready to help out with technical assistance that is guaranteed to improve your home security. We handle emergencies, breaking and entry, burglaries theft and defective locks as well as opening safes and carrying out all types of repairs and improvements. We are a small local company and our technicians know their way around The Hague and surrounding districts. Have you been burgled or has someone damaged your door after and ettmpted break in? In many cases we are the first on the scene. We arrive before police, ambulances or the fire brigade because we know all the short cuts and get around on scooters!


Help, I locked myself out!

What should I do when I have locked myself out? Or when I have lost my keys? In case of lock-out, for example, if a door has slammed on you due to wind, or you just left your keys on the inside of the door or on the table, we can get you back into your house without damaging locks. In about 90% of cases there will be no damage to locks whatsoever. In rare cases we may need to drill and replace a cylinder or lock. We can replace your cylinder immediately and if necessary we can replace it for a cylinder that fits the same key you use on other doors. If your cylinders have the same profile, you will be able to open all your doors with a single key! In addition, we can implement an upgrade to your security and provide SKG*** certified high quality cylinders. We also provide registered cylinders with keys that are patented to prevent copying. You will be issued a key master card that you can use to order duplicate keys.

No call-out fees: A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag!


We only charge call out fees in very specific circumstances.* We maintain transparent ‘all-in’ prices for all goods and services. We always give you an estimate based on our assesment of your situation and our estimates cover everything from call-out, to work, materials and VAT (21%). We will never charge you extra for nights, weekends or holidays!


Payment: how will I be billed by A-keys | Slotenmaker The Hague?

If you have locked yourself out or experienced some other emergency with locks and keys you probably do not have a wallet or cash on you. Our technicians carry cash terminals that will enable you to pay by bank or credit card. Unless agreed otherwise prior to a call-out we will expect customers to pay us directly, as soon as work has been completed. You can also pay cash or transfer money using your banking app, as long as we are able to establish that payment has been received. As soon as we have your payment you will receive a receipt that includes all relevant information including our adress details. We can transfer receipts and invoices to you by e-mail or text message. The recipt is your digital warrantee and is valid for 5 years from date of issue! If you require a detailed invoice please notify the technician.

Pay later: is this an option?

In exceptional circumstances A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag can agree to invoice you later. Customers who are unable to pay immediately will need to clear the method of payment with the technician prior to making an appointment. A technician may ask for a down payment. Customers have no right to pay later. Unfortunately, our experience with invoicing is that delays in payment involve a lot of extra time and many customers end up paying us much later than stipulated in our terms and conditions (14 days Max).


5 year warrantee on goods & services

We exclusively work with the best quality materials available.* This way we avoid a lot of unnnecessary complications and ensure that our materials —locks, cylinders, keys and other security fittings — work properly for many years and require minimal to no servicing. If you do experience any problems with any security materials provided by us, we will replace it free of charge. As far as possible we do this immediately. A-keys | Slotenmaker Den Haag (SDH) guarantees high quality materials and workmanship!

In a few rare cases we will service or provide materials that have not been certified according to the modern SKG standards. For example, if you have an old or antique lock on your door and do not want to replace it, we can service it, or make improvements, but it will not be certified and you may need to check this with your insurance policy. Our technicians will inform you if this is the case.

How much does it cost to open or replace a cylinder or lock?

A normal emergency dooropening does not involve damage to doors or locks. In and around Den Haag we charge ± €85.- including VAT (21%). This is the standard price for opening a door as long as we do not need to drill. (90% of cases). If you take into account the price of publicity, websites, running the business, tax, insurance and VAT, this is a minimum charge and anyone claiming to work for less is likely to be a fraud.


Warning! Prices may increase if we need to drill or replace a lock or cylinder. These 'unexpected' costs are difficult to predict before we have inspected the situation on location. Our technicians will always inform you of any extra costs before they start work and they do not deliberately damage a cylinder or lock to increase their bills! In all cases, we discuss any out of the ordinary charges with our technicians to prevent them overcharging customers and we only employ people we trust to maintain our reputation for integrity.


iZettle PIN & BANK

You may pay us using bank or creditcards. Our technicians carry portable payment terminals.

Using our iZettle card reader terminal you can pay on the doorstep. iZettle PIN are completely secure and offer the comfort of direct payment.


Upon completion of your transaction you receive a receipt by e-mail or text message straight to your mobile phone.

You can also use a variety of apps to transfer money including Tikkie which is developed by ABN AMRO bank. You can download the app here: TIKKIE.


In principle we expect all customers to pay as soon as work has been completed.


Cash payment is welcome and you will be provided with a receipt and / or a digital invoice should you require one.

Caution! Locksmiths who demand high fees and cash payment may be frauds and youare not obliged to pay cash for any transaction! In some instances it may be practical for a technician to request cash, particularly if we happen to be short on cash, but it is not obligatory.


Digital invoices are submitted once every couple of days and you should receive yours on average not more than 3-4 days after payment. 


In exceptional cases and only upon prior agreement we will invoice you so you can pay later. This is on condition that:


  • You are already a customer in our system

  • We have your details in an email, and

  • We are able to establish your details are still up to date


Invoicing is possible for established business partners.


Our terms & conditions stipulate payment within 14 days. Customers who adhere to these terms are welcome. We will only extend the term for payment if requested black on white and accompanied with an adequate explanation.


We handle transactions from all major brands including Mastercard, VISAcard, American Express, and other digital services like PayPal, ApplePay, ING, ABN-AMRO, Rabobank, Triodos, ASN, SNS bank etc.

You can also transfer money to us using "iDeal" as long as you use a Dutch bank.

VISA card Slotenmaker Den Haag A-keys
  • Talk directly to an expert locksmith from Den Haag

  • Certified technicians from your neighbourhood

  • Quick response in case of emergency …

  • Back inside in 30 minutes after lock-out

  • Door slammed shut?

  • Non-destructive opening!

  • Lock is not moving at all ...

  • Lock works but not well

  • Lock, cylinder or key broken defective

  • Locked out at night

  • Door will not close properly

  • Door or window jamming

  • Door is rattling loose

  • Key does not turn properly

  • Lock or cylinder replacement

  • Too many keys distributed no control

  • Lock someone out (an angry ex.)

  • Mount better locks

  • Preventative measures and security improvement

  • Access control for different key holders

  • Improve security for keys and locks

  • Service on location

  • Repairs on location by qualified technicians

  • Resolve a problem with key, cylinder or security today

  • Locksmith Fast-Service™

  • No unnecessary delays!

  • Qualified certified technicians!

  • Professional advice and expertise

  • Emergency measures after break in, burglary

  • Repairs and replacements after vandalism

  • Service for doors, windows, latches, locks, cylinders etc.

  • Removal of broken or jammed keys

  • Replacement of cylinder key system

  • Repair and servicing of antique locks

  • Materials from our own workshop

  • Workshop in central Den Haag

  • Security for business premises and offices

  • Damage report after burglary

  • Mechanical measures to prevent burglary and break in

  • Custom solutions from dedicated team of experts

  • Design team to solve technical problems in security

  • Construction and all metal working solutions

  • Inspection of premises for security and insurance

  • Access control including electronics

  • Bulletproofing

  • SKG & PKVW certified materials


Workshop in the center of The Hague ✓
Call us 24 hours a day ✓
No call waiting ✓
Immediately talk to a technician ✓
Make an appointment with a technician on call ✓
Technician comes immediately ✓
Problems are solved while you wait ✓
No delays ✓
No call-out charges * ✓
Customer is always right ✓
No good? Money Back guarantee! ✓
Within 30 minutes Fast-Service ™ ✓
Not urgent? Slow service ✓
Service & Quality guaranteed ✓
Authorized & Certified technicians ✓
SKG certified materials ✓
Poliekeurmerk Veilig Wonen (PKVW) ✓
5 year warranty on material & work ✓


Discounts encourage local clientele and help our technicians reach you quickly. That means we can offer more competitive prices for our services, shorten the time we spend traveling and save on fuel.

A-keys | Locksmith Den Haag has a 100% recycling commitment.

24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Expert burglary prevention advice
Emergency provisions after burglary or broken lock
Solutions after sabotage or harassment (glue in lock)
Lock or cylinder does not move at all
Your lock works but not satisfactorily
Locks, cylinders or key broken
Locked out due to broken or jamming lock
Door won't close properly
The door rattles
Key does not turn properly
Replace locks or cylinders
Too many keys in circulation
Deny someone access (eg angry ex.)
Have a better quality lock installed
Preventive measures required
Control access to employees
Improve quality cylinder or lock
Immediate fast service at home or business premises
Repairs at home or on location
Solve problem with keys or lock today
Fast-Service ™ locksmith
No unnecessary delay!
Authorized & Certified engineers!

Door, window or sliding door service / maintenance
Extract a broken key
Immediate delivery of a new key or cylinder
Replace or repair locks
Material from our own stock
Workshop in the center of The Hague
Business premises / home security
Repair burglary damage
Burglary protection
Custom solutions from our own workshop and designers
Made to fit security equipment
Design and construction of preventive measures
Housing inspection for safety
Improvements directly on location
Core pulling protection (eg KTB fittings)
SKG and PKVW certified materials
Repair or adjust hinges for doors and windows
Install new doors
Sliding door roll system or closure
Urgent locks replaced
Repair damage from breaking and entry
Burglary damage report
Quotes for insurance claims